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Winston was born on June 14, 1941 at Fredericton Junction in Sunbury County, New Brunswick.  He is the youngest child of the late Austin and Orie (Allingham) Armstrong.
In 1953 Winston moved with his family to Roachville, New Brunswick because the Government took their land to make it the Army Base for CFB Gagetown.
In 1961 he married Jessie (Aitken) and together they have 3 children...Janice, Mark and Dean. They also have 5 grandchildren...Sara, Luke, Kathleen, Brittany and Brooke.
Winston has always had a love for good old country music.  He started playing guitar at a fairly young age and also singing.  His early influences were Wilf Carter, Hank Snow and Hank Williams Sr.
Early in his music career he was a part of many variety shows in and around the surrounding communities. He also accompanied Elmer Shay at the Smith Creek Hall playing for square dances for several years. During that time Winston gave up playing the variety shows and soon after he left music behind him altogether for a number of years.
Although music has been a part of Winston's life he has always had a day job until his retirement in the early 1990's.
Winston's other influences in Country music are such traditional artists as Merle Haggard, Mac Wiseman and Charley Pride.
In 1997 he picked the guitar up once again and joined a group called the Happy Go Lucky Fiddlers.  It was there that he met a young mandolin/fiddle player by the name of Juanita MacDonald.  The first part of their career together was with the Happy Go Lucky Fiddlers but soon after they broke out on their own and the rest is history.
Winston and Juanita were doing the odd gig on their own in 1997 but in 1998 they both left the Fiddler's and were performing stage shows on their own.  Since then they have played for many variety shows, concerts, round dances and square dances.
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