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Winston & Juanita - Just The Two Of Us

Just the Two Of Us - 2004

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Winston & Juanita - Just The Two Of Us
1.   St. Anne's Reel
2.   Mary Of the Wild Moor
3.   Wreck Of the Ol' 97
4.   Yellow Rose of Texas/I'll Fly Away
5.   Seven Spanish Angels
6.   Little Gray House On the Hill
7.   Ontario Swing
8.   I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
9.   Take These Chains
10. Faded Love
11. Put My Little Shoes Away
12. When God Comes To Gather His Jewels
13. Land of Jubiloo
14. Rocking Alone
15. Sonny's Dream
16. Jimmy's Favorite Jig
17. Blue Eyes Cryin' In the Rain
18. I Haven't Seen Mary In Years
19. Buffalo Gals
20. I'll Be All Smiles Tonight
21. Will You Love Me
22. Silver and Gold Two Step
23. You Are My Sunshine
24. Church In the Wild Wood
The following are 30 second samples from the CD - Just the Two of Us.  To listen to them just click on the name of the one you wish you listen to and wait for it to download.

Juanita - Ontario Swing

Juanita - Land Of Jubiloo

Winston - Sonny's Dream

Juanita - Silver And Gold

Winston - You Are My Sunshine

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